Culligan Southwest - Midland / Odessa

River Trail Cottages

Yes!  Our drone pilots are ALWAYS Part 107 certified.  Hiring a drone pilot who is not certified by the FAA can result in serious legal trouble and hefty fines.  We don't take chances, and always fly by the book.

The professionals of Culligan Water in West Texas.  Corporate photos help managers and team members put a face to the name, and familiarize the customer with technicians and sales representatives.

Immersive Designer Richard Soler

Soler has had a long and successful career in immersive design and event decoration.  These photos show one of his more recent projects, a series of signs dedicated to the Schreiner Centennial celebration.

Hillshapes Production Co

A series of photos taken for Hillshapes, A production company by Kä Neunhoffer (left) and  Libbie Horton (right), specializing in musical composition and choreography.

This rooftop photoshoot with Neunhoffer was designed to make a bold announcement of the Hillshapes start.   The edited final product intended to paint the artist as both larger than life and connected to her hometown.

The warm, dark, and monochromatic nature of these photographs helps give an antique sense to the portrait while maintaining the rich color and energy or the artists themselves.

Outdoor Photographer Braden Cummings

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