Hurtful Jalapeños

A food packaging design with taste and pizazz, Hurtful Jalapeños is a fictitious product intended to highlight our photoshop and brand conceptualization.

The design started with photographing real jalapeño peppers and removing the background.  

In photoshop we created a paper-like texture by hiking the noise of the background layer, positioned the peppers and text, and applying a gradient map to the entire composition.

The leftover jalapeños were then stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon.  Waste not want not.

Martíns Mechanics

This auto shop was looking for a vintage and classic feel.  Character design drew inspiration from classic 60s cartoons.  The Jetsons meet blue collar America.

Stumpy's Woodworking

This startup in Austin, Texas was looking for a mascot-centric brand to add levity and imagination to their new furniture business.

The Law Practice of Floyd Akers

A brand currently under development, the law practice of Floyd Akers specializes in defending and representing clients with DUI and other criminal charges.  The client is moving towards professional but expressive branding in hopes of catching the eye and setting themselves apart from other attorneys in the San Marcos Texas area.

Trailhead Beer Garden - Pot O Hot Soup Cook-off

A classic community event at Trailhead Beer Garden.  Pot O Hot asked us to design and sell stickers at their event.  We decided to do one better and gave stickers away for free, with an optional tipjar nearby.  Our social marketing seemed to resonate with the community, and our investment yielded more than 8 times production cost within just a few hours.

College Night at Babez Seafood Bucket

Limeade Media was asked to design a promotional and event for Babez Seafood Bucket.  It was necessary for the promotional to balance both being cost effective while still offering sufficient value to the consumer.  

The proposed solution was to host a college night with  beer  age appropriate beverage pong.   Admission was $1 per person per game, and a basket of fries went to the game's winner.

A second promotional was ran on Instagram, offering students a free basket of fries in exchange for reposting the below flyer on their story.

A second promotional was ran on Instagram, offering students a free basket of fries in exchange for reposting the below flyer on their story.

The event was also promoted on
@KerrvilleParties, an Instagram page previously managed by Limeade Media.  Kerrville Parties is an online directory for local events in Kerr and surrounding counties.  See the Online page for more information on Kerrville Parties. 

Project Iris:  Speed Reading Research at Schreiner University

During his undergraduate career, Zachary Lyman designed graphics and user interface for a developing speed reading software at Schreiner University.  While we aren't able to share the software with you, Lyman still retains rights to his digital illustrations.

Homegrown Longboards

Homegrown Longboards is the collaborative effort of many creative students to build a brand and product from the ground up.  Limeade Media specialized in Creative Direction as well as graphic design.  Here are some of the visuals we produced during the project.

Kerrville Parties

@KerrvilleParties is an Instagram page originally created by Limeade Media because of an apparent need in the community.  Growing up in the nearby town of Medina, Zach often heard the phrase, "There's nothing to do in Kerrville."  Wanting to challenge that narrative, we created a platform for small local business owners to promote their events to a young audience.

Above:  Stickers promoting @KerrvilleParties and the funky style of the local music scene.  These stickers had a small cult following for a brief period, although they never grew beyond that due to Kerrville Parties' short staff and tight budget.

The first release of promotional stickers was exclusively the green and orange toad.  Popularity led to the second edition, with several variant color schemes.  The third edition consisted of 3 unique muses, each representing a different art discipline in the community.

Additional Illustrations

Limeade Media is able to produce fun and whimsical illustrations that your audience will enjoy and remember.